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Circulation Problems

If your mattress doesn’t breathe, allowing air to flow in and out, you may not be sleeping as well as you could be. Our solution comes in two forms: the bed cover and in our patented Heat Reduction Channels (HRC).

If the bed cover doesn’t breathe, it doesn’t matter what’s underneath it. That’s why we ensure that our bed covers have maximum breathability while maintaining comfort. Bamboo and cashmere, for example, are both known as fibers with excellent, cool breathability.

Our truly unique HRC system, what lies under the quilted cover, makes all the difference. These cross-hatched grooves cut into the mattress surface let warm air flow out and cool air flow in, allowing our memory foam mattresses to breathe like no others on the market. This technology solves the circulation problem once and for all.

Check out our selection, and choose a memory foam mattress for yourself!