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Time for a New Mattress?

The average innerspring mattress lasts for about ten years. Are you due for a new one?

There are several indicators that you should be in the market for a new mattress. First, ask yourself if you have back pain. This should be a red flag that your mattress is not supporting you properly.

Even if you don’t have back pain, however, your mattress may no longer be in its prime. If your mattress has started to droop or sag anywhere from body impressions, it is no longer supporting your back properly. If the edges of your mattress are no longer supportive, or if the seams start to fray or tear, you need to be on the lookout as well.

The longer you have your mattress, the more dirty and worn it becomes. Take this into consideration when purchasing a new mattress.

Also consider how long your new mattress will last. A memory foam mattress typically lasts much longer – about twenty years in total – due to their durability, allergen-resistance, and sound construction.

Come find the perfect Sleep Aid mattress, from our selection of memory foam mattresses.