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Seek Classic Asian Style with a Platform Bed

For centuries now Asian cultures have utilized the look and benefits of platform beds. The Zen-like profile fits right in to the overall look and principles of Asian Culture. These beds have gentle swooping lines, which are tied back to the great architectural phenomena of pagodas, these smooth gentle lines also relate back to the great curved armor application on the famous Samuria warriors garb. These gentle curves with Zen-like lines are said to promote well being, health, and good fortune. Asian Style platform beds tend to be made out of high quality woods such as redwood, teak, rosemary, mahogany, walnut and cherry. The feng shui ideals have made Japanese platform beds a very high demand. With their simplicity and low profile they fit right into the Zen energy in any room. This low profile fits great with other low lying furniture such as coffee tables and dressers and other bedroom furnishings, to incorporate the whole room into the feng shui look and feel.

Asian platform beds are great for people who want a simpler yet elegant look to any bedroom. The space that is saved alone is great. Platform beds also are great for back support during slumber and are said to be better for your back than sleeping on the sturdy floor or mattress. Platform beds can keep a low profile because they lack a box spring. The mattress simply lays down on slats or a solid piece of material to keep the mattress of the ground. This is a great feature because people are able to utilize the space, which is wasted with traditional beds, as a useful storage spot. When using the under carriage of a platform bed as storage you keep items that you would like out of view hidden. Storage platform beds also will keep with the overall look that you are trying to accomplish. Storage platform beds and Asian style platform beds come in all sizes twin to California King, and can come in all shapes from smooth lines and no head board to very elaborate canopy with flourishing design. A platform bed will add elegance with simple style to any home décor.

Beforer you make your final platform bed decisions make sure you've learned how to choose a platform bed.

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