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The 12” Sleep Aid Dream Memory Foam Mattress: Inspire Your Dreams

A Sleep Aid Exclusive!

Why is the Sleep Aid Dream “the Perfect Mattress?” That might seem like a bold statement, but it’s absolutely true: the 12 inch Dream, unlike any other mattress, features 3 inches of 4 pound HRC Memory Foam, Vented Breathable Orthopedic Anti-Vibration Core, topped with 1 " of loft endure, wrapped in an bamboo quilted cover, making the Dream the pinnacle of luxury.


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Aloe-Bamboo: The Finest Cover in its Class


Bamboo fibers are cashmere-soft, with the durability to last a lifetime. Bamboo is also a highly versatile and sustainable resource.

The Aloe-Bamboo Cover features a natural wicking action that draws moisture away from your body and evaporates it quickly, keeping you dry while you sleep. Unlike other covers, ours is not a treated polyester; the wicking performance is inherent in the fiber itself. The Aloe-bamboo cover keeps you dry and comfortable… naturally!

Another benefit of Sleep Aid’s Aloe-Bamboo cover is its odor-eliminating, anti-bacterial property that keeps you and your mattress clean and smelling fresh. It is hypoallergenic, soft, and safe for people with wool or hemp allergies.

Fast drying, breathable, and resistant to fading, shrinking, and wrinkling – not to mention eco friendly and fire-resistant, featuring proprietary fibers with microchannel cross sections: there is simply no better cover for your mattress!

1" Loft-Endure Technology for Longevity and Fire-Resistance built into the top cover


Keep your mattress looking new with Loft-Endure!

The Sleep Aid Dream features one inch of Loft-Endure quilting material, a high-quality fiber-replacing foam that eliminates body impressions.

Other mattresses are easily deformed by body impressions, largely due to high fiber counts. Over time, these other mattresses get lumpy and uncomfortable as they sag and droop under pressure. But Sleep Aid’s Loft-Endure maintains twice as much of its original loft and 20% greater airflow than its fiber-based competitors.

This foam, designed to replace inadequate polyester fiber quilting, is manufactured in an environmentally conscious process to be both eco-friendly and flame-resistant.

Patented HRC Memory Foam Brings You the Comfort and Support You Need

Sleep Aid’s patented Heat Reduction Channel (HRC) Memory Foam is the key to a sound night’s sleep, blending the perfect amount of softness with amazing support. Unlike traditional spring-based mattresses, Sleep Aid’s HRC Memory Foam conforms to the contours of your body, gently supporting crucial pressure points like your shoulders, hips, and back while keeping your spine in proper orthopedic alignment. Reap the benefits of perfect posture, and wake up in the morning pain-free and refreshed!

So how is HRC Memory Foam better than traditional mattresses?

Sleep Aid’s HRC Memory Foam supports your body evenly, uniformly distributing pressure on your body while relieving the strain on pressure-sensitive zones. It allows you to sink into your mattress as it conforms to your shape and aligns your body without applying uncomfortable pressure. Traditional spring mattresses, on the other hand, push against your body at potentially painful focus points, leading to restless and uncomfortable nights.

The HRC Difference: Temperature Control Means You Can Sleep Comfortably


The most common problem encountered with other memory foam mattresses is their tendency to over-insulate; they simply get way too hot. Sleep Aid’s researchers solved the problem of heat buildup with the patented and exclusive Heat Reduction Channel (HRC) system.

A laser-cut machine engraves channels in the top of the mattress which allow warm air to exit, regulating body temperature and keeping you comfortable all night. This air flow between the body and the mattress allows the HRC channels to solve the overheating issue without sacrificing any of your much-deserved comfort.

The ventilating design of the HRC maximizes comfort in a way that no other memory foam mattress can!

Yet another benefit of HRC memory Foam is Sleep Aid’s patented zoning system. Variable groove depth and foam density in 9 key weight distribution “zones” such as your hips and shoulders allows the mattress to provide even more comfort and stability to your body, while keeping you comfortable with optimal breathability.

But don’t just take our word for it: this is what a customer has to say about our HRC Memory Foam:

“I slept on a foam bed memory topper at a friend’s guest room and loved it at first. The problem was that I woke up in the middle of the night and was way too hot. I loved the way that it felt so much and started researching online for memory foam reviews to find if there was a way around the heat problem. I've been using your topper with the air channels for three months now and never find it too hot! Thanks Sleep Aid for making a foam bed memory topper that breathes and stays cool.” –Kristin H. Darien, CT


Vented Orthopedic Anti-Vibration Core: No Vibrations Means Better Stability

waffleVented breathable core foam can make all the difference for someone who likes their mattresses extra soft: boasting a gentle, springy texture and air channels for enhanced breathability, the Comfort Groove layer keeps you comfortable with increased support.

The Dream’s 8 inch core features an orthopedic Anti-Vibration system, a technically advanced damping system that supports your body. Like a shock absorber, the Anti-Vibration Core will absorb motions on your side of the bed without sending vibrations to your partner’s side. With the orthopedic Anti-Vibration Core, you can sleep soundly no matter how much your partner moves (and vice versa).

The Mattress That Won’t Make You Sick

The Sleep Aid Dream is manufactured with safe, non-toxic chemicals that lack the odor of other Memory Foam mattresses.

Additionally, the Sleep Aid Dream is made in the United States of America: each mattress is strictly checked and regulated to ensure that all health concerns are met; your comfort and safety are our top priority.

Mattresses manufactured overseas are often made with formaldehyde and other smelly chemical allergens, including CFCs, which are potentially hazardous to your health. They are generally cheaper and are produced faster, but they are largely unregulated and are not held to U.S. manufacturing standards. Our mattresses are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Sleep Aid chooses not to gamble with your family’s health.

Allergy Relief: Dust Mites Not Welcome Here

Traditional box-spring mattresses are a paradise for the microscopic critters called dust mites. These eight-legged bugs make a living feeding on your skin while you sleep, and they are a leading cause of allergies (second only to pollen) and respiratory problems including asthma attacks. Our HRC Memory Foam mattresses don’t provide these bugs with the environment or space they need to survive and nest, meaning less dust mites and less health-related problems for you. Evict your unwanted bunkmates with an HRC Memory Foam mattress!

HRC Memory Foam, Delivered the Right Way: Always Fresh

Not only do we offer competitive prices on our mattresses (the Sleep Aid Dream starts at $697), but all mattresses are compressed and shipped to you in a manageably-sized box. Unlike other companies, Sleep Aid mattresses are not compressed and stored for long periods of time. Other mattresses often lose their form and consistency because they are compressed and stored for long periods of time, resulting in a common problem called “compression set” that leaves a mattress uncomfortable, uneven, and deformed. Sleep Aid Dream mattresses, however, are delivered to you fresh and ready to be enjoyed.

Standard delivery takes 10-14 business days, slightly longer than some other companies, but each Sleep Aid Dream mattress is custom-made for you so it is guaranteed fresh. With Sleep Aid, the quality is well worth the wait.

Warranty and Trial Period: Your Satisfaction is Our Goal

Quality is very important to us; we believe in the excellence of our product, and we want you to experience this for yourself. That’s why Sleep Aid offers a 90-day sleep trial to our customers. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the product, we will take it back.
The high quality production of Sleep Aid HRC Memory Foam mattresses means they last longer than others: we offer a 10 year warranty, twice as long as other mattresses!

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If you’d like more information, or if you’d like to comment on our products and services, please call us at 1.877.265.1683: our friendly staff of HRC Memory Foam experts is on call between 8 AM and 5 PM (PST), Monday through Friday, and we always welcome your feedback!

Don’t sleep on your worn old mattress another night! Buy today and enjoy all the benefits of this unrivaled HRC Memory Foam mattress: the Sleep Aid Dream, promoting your health and inspiring your dreams!