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Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Thank you to all of our customers who have sent us their memory foam mattress reviews. We love hearing your comments.

Erica G. Sanibel, FL
Last year we upgraded our pillow top mattress to a 14 inch Majesty memory foam mattress.  I can not tell you how happy my husband and I are with our new bed.  The bed is far more supportive than our old mattress and that helps my back feel better in the morning.  We love the grooves on the top, they have definitely helped keep us cool in the hot Florida humidity. Also if one of us gets up in the night our movements do not disturb the other because the foam dampens the vibrations. Thank you for recommending your brand.

Sally K. Indiana, IA
Were recently were shopping for your competitors memory foam mattress and were recommended to you by a friend.  We were shocked when we found out how much lower your prices were and after  feeling your foam ourselves agreed with our friend that your quality is better too.  We decided to buy your 8 inch mattress and have been sleeping better than ever.  After hearing me talk abut about our new bed I have interested my whole family and some of them will be purchasing their own soon.

Robert C. Fredericksburg, VA
Your Sleep Aid foam memory foam mattress was the first major purchase I have made online.  I used the online buy it now feature and was happy to see my mattress arrive ahead of schedule.  I liked that I never had to speak to a sales person and made my buying decision based on the recommendations from friends and memory foam mattress reviews.  I am enjoying my new bed immensely. 

Sleep Aid is dedicated to offering the highest quality products and your memory foam mattress reviews reassure us that our hard work has helped our customers to sleep better.  We look forward to hearing from our future customers as well so that we can continue learning from your feedback.


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