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memory foam pads BodySoft (4lb) Memory Foam Pads

Wake up refreshed, without breaking the bank...

memory foam padThe Sleep Aid BodySoft series is the perfect way to get a better night's sleep, without spending a fortune on your new bed. The memory foam topper is laid directly on top of your old bed, bringing space age memory foam technology into your home.

Sleep Better, Live Better
The 4lb foam used in the BodySoft series keeps you from tossing and turning, and also helps your spine stay in a natural alignment while you sleep. That means you get deeper, more restful sleep and wake up refreshed, not in pain.

Heat is the #1 complaint with other bands of memory foam

The HRC System Keeps You Cool While You Sleep
Sleep Aid memory foam toppers keep you comfortable with the patented Heat Reduction Channel system, an exclusive heat management technology that helps air circulate through the top layer of foam.

Click here to learn about HRC!

Don't Suffer With A Worn Out Mattress
Most people sleep on worn out old mattresses, but memory foam pads can make an ordinary bed feel extraordinary. Treat overnight visitors to great sleep by turning your uncomfortable guest bed or pull out couch into a plush and comforting place of rest.  Whether you choose a BodySoft memory foam pad for yourself, or for your guests, you won't find a higher quality  memory foam pad  for less.

BodySoft Series Toppers Offer...

  • 5 year warranty

  • 4 lb. density

  • Vacuum Sealed Production for consistency...

  • HRC channels for a cool night's sleep...

  • 100% Toxin Free

  • 90 Day Trial Period!

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Lisa, J. Vernon NJ
My husband and I recently painted our bedroom.  During the project we stayed in our guest room and found out how uncomfortable our guest bed was.  We decided for our own  sake, and our future guests,  to try one of your memory foam pads.  We chose a body soft pad because of the price.  We were surprised how nice it felt when we got it and our shipping time was faster then expected.  Thank you for solving our problem and helping us get a good nights sleep. 

Brad, F. Warren MI
I have been sleeping on a futon for the past couple of years and finally got fed up of waking up with an aching back.  I decided to try your BodySoft memory foam pad and am glad I did.  My futon feels way more comfortable and my back feels great in the morning!