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Improve The Lighting In Your Bedroom With A Chandelier

Are you searching for an easy, cost-effective way to redecorate your home? As you consider your options, don’t forget about the importance of good light. Dull, insufficient light bulbs and fixtures that offer no style or class can severely diminish the desired effect you’d like to portray. Think of the harsh glare cast by a single, uncovered bulb and the unforgiving shadows and uneven light it creates in a space. Did you know that light fixtures can not only transform a space from dull to functional, but also from so-so to sensational? Chandeliers are a fabulous way to convert any room into a radiant new space.

The first thing to remember when you are selecting a chandelier is that all chandeliers and light fixtures are not created equal! Many, many styles exist to fit your taste and home décor. For a traditional look, consider a several-light chandelier with candle bulbs in a colonial or Victorian style. More contemporary homes may benefit from pendant lights or flush-mount fixtures, or from more simple chandeliers with clean, bold lines. Thousands of styles of chandeliers are available to complement your home’s architecture and to add artistic flair: traditional styles abound, but think also of a chandelier inspired by 17th century Italy or Victorian England. The possibilities are endless.

Another option to keep in mind when you are selecting your next chandelier is the metal finish and level of intricacy. While many iron chandeliers are made from cast iron, many finishes are available to complement your decorating needs. Copper finishes add a warm glow to your kitchen or dining area, providing a distinctively European touch. A black chandelier makes a bold statement in both traditional and contemporary styles. Chrome or silver finishes contribute a clean look to modern homes, providing an industrial appeal. Additions such as crystal accents, fabric or Italian glass shades, and globe or candle bulbs help to contribute to your chandelier’s unique character. For those who wish to make the most sophisticated statement, glass and crystal chandeliers also present a wonderful option. From the most simple to the most ornate, you can name how intricate you’d like your lighting fixtures to be – and you’re sure to find something to fit your needs.

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