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Sleep Better With The Use Of An Water Fountain

As with all living creatures, so much in our lives depends on water. Our bodies are two-thirds water. We cannot survive more than a day or two without it. Whether ancient civilizations thrived was dependent upon their proximity to a stable water source, and some of the world’s largest cities are built near waterways or oceans. People travel for hundreds or thousands of miles to be near water, to reclaim the physical and mental benefits of the ocean’s calming effects or a mineral spa’s restorative properties.

It is no wonder, then, that in recent years people have been searching for ways to incorporate water and its benefits into their daily lives. Obviously drinking more water is one way this has been accomplished… but what about the invigorating appeal of flowing water? What about the calming effect of being near a body of water in some form? You might not realize it, but if you can’t always sit by the ocean, indoor water fountains are a perfect way to bring some of those restorative benefits to you.

Fountains can help to restore the body and mind in several ways. First, the sound and visual appeal of flowing water both help people to relax. Sound machines and sound CDs use water as a meditative tool, and likely one that helps people fall asleep. The visual beauty of falling or flowing water is no small benefit either. Think of sitting on a beach and watching waves lap up on the shore, or watching a waterfall consistently flow at the same time as it changes shape. From a scientific standpoint, however, water fountains can help provide tangible health benefits in the form of negative ions: tiny particles that cling to dirt, dust, and pollutants and drag them into the ground. Millions of negative ions are released into the air as the water flows, helping to purify the air and freshen any space. A large wall fountain might help to accent a kitchen wall or dining space, providing visual stimulation at the same time it helps to remove cooking carcinogens from the air. Or consider a small tabletop or wall fountain for an office, which will help you stay calm and refreshed while you work. For a decorative option that might help you relax, enjoy your surroundings, and stay energetic, consider the difference a water fountain might make in your life.

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