Full Size Mattress Dimensions

What exactly is a full size mattress? Also called the twin or double bed, the full size mattress or full sized mattress is the most popular go-to-sleeping product for most, because of its adaptability and ability to suit users of any size and weight as well. The full sized mattress or even the double bed is said to be ideal for single person sleepers who do not wish their mattress occupy the entire bedroom but would rather like some extra space to spread out comfortably and sleep well. But what is this thing that can so easily take up an entire bedroom?

You may wonder, with all this talk about the size of one’s full size mattress dimensions, where do you start to measure it? If you are lucky enough to already have a good idea of your mattress size, then you are set. There is no need to measure it unless you want to. However, if you are new at measuring, you should start by gathering up all the bedding and pillows that you will use in your bed. Then take all these pieces and measure them all along one edge, taking the total height along with the width.

If there is any gap between these measurements, that is okay, but try not to put anything more than three inches of distance on the entire perimeter. This will allow for air flow while keeping you from getting uncomfortable if you do find yourself sleeping on the edge of the bed.

The next step is to bring all the mattresses into your room and measure them. Take note of the sizes of your existing mattress and note if you can get a twin size mattress or a full size mattress in that size. If you have a twin sized bed, there is only one mattress you need to measure, not two or more. However, if you have a full size bed, you have to measure the mattresses side by side.

Once you know your dimensions, now bring everything in line with the bed frame and your wall to ensure that you have a clean, even surface on which to measure. Be sure to keep an eye on the walls, as they may have gaps where you can not see the bed frame, which you may have to fill in to make your mattress fit properly.

Now, with the bed frame in place, you can measure around the bed frame to ensure that you have an even surface, not too much or too little. This way you can fill in the area between each mattress without disturbing the room. The measurement you take needs to be accurate, but it does not have to be exact, especially if you are doing the measurement over more than one side of the bed frame.

As you go, be careful when measuring, so that you do not put too much of an impression on the room. You do not want the room to have the feel that it is overstuffed. If you are unsure, then you may need to stop midway through your measurement and go back to it.

When done measuring, you are sure to have the right amount of room so that you can place all your stuff around the bed and still be able to move freely in the room. If not, then you may need to cut back on the amount of room you put up top.

Now, bring your measurement of the mattress in front of you and look at the bottom of the bed. Measure this area in half so that you have two measurements. With the first measurement, you are going to take the length of the mattress and the width. With the second measurement, you are going to take the height.

Make sure you are able to place the measurement you took for the length of the mattress on the mattress and the measurement for the width and the height on the wall to get a good idea of what size you need. To do this, take the two measurements, take them together, and then take them down to the nearest inch of the wall.

The reason you need to do this is so that you can be sure you are able to measure correctly. and not leave anything out when you are measuring for the size of the full size mattress.


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