How To Measure Your King Size Bed

King Size Bedded Duties: The perfect size of a king size bed that will fit your family’s needs. King size beds are designed to be comfortable and convenient. These beds provide the ultimate in luxury with large space for guests, ample storage space for items of personal and professional importance.

King Size: King size bed measurements are based on standard single and double bed dimensions. The maximum bed size should not exceed 60 inches by 60 inches in width. If possible, the minimum recommended bed size is 12 ft by 18 ft. sleeping on a queen size bed.

Minimum Recommended Bed Size: For sleeping on a queen sized bed, the minimum recommended bed size is eight feet by ten feet. That means you have an eighteen-footfoot room. If you have more than one person in the family, you need to measure the total square footage of the room, including the couch and chairs, to determine the recommended bed size. The most popular queen size bed dimensions are:

Eight feet by 10 feet is the most common for queen size beds. However, you may want to consider other factors such as extra head and foot space, extra closets or cabinets and additional storage space for the nightstand, lamps, books, and clothing.

Additional Bedroom Features: These beds are large enough to include a study table, dresser, and nightstand. You can add storage drawers under the bed or if you prefer, you can have two drawers under the bed and use the second for extra clothing or items you don’t want in your nightstand. In addition, you can add a desk with a computer if you want. If you have a lot of items you would like to keep organized, consider having both a nightstand and a dresser.

Drawers under the Bed: You can choose from a wide variety of drawer styles to mount under the bed. You may also want to consider a bed with the slats of the bed hinged in an “L” configuration so that you have more drawer space underneath and you can move items around from under the bed.

Drawers under the Bed – Drawer Style: There are several drawer styles that mount under the bed. Some people have a traditional box-style drawer that is open at the bottom of the drawer and has two doors that open upward for easy access to clothing and other items of need.

There are also drawers that are hinged down at the bottom of the drawer. The only difference between the two styles is the number of doors and where they open. The box style is usually more convenient for larger items.

King Size Bedded Diagonal Bed Drawer: You can get a drawer under the bed for the king size bed with two doors on either side of the bed. These are sometimes referred to as full-length drawers because they measure twenty-five inches long and four inches wide. Some people prefer this type because they can use the full length of the bed and still keep all of their furniture within easy reach if needed.

When shopping for a king size bed drawers, make sure you measure the length of the bed. It is best to measure from floor to ceiling and then to the headboard so you have an accurate measurement to make your purchase.

One caveat to this, these are usually wider than standard-bed drawers so it may be a little difficult to reach the items that you want to access when the drawers open up.

Bed Frames: The bed frame will come mounted under the bed. This will have a door on each side of the bed. They have lumbar support and a built-in headrest, which mean the person in your bed is on top of the headrest. This is an important feature that some people find uncomfortable but others find attractive.


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