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Best Pet Beds: Choosing the Best for Your Precious Buddy

When you have a new furry addition to your family, your number one priority should be making him feel safe and comfortable. Although the way to provide that varies between pets, having a nice bed is probably the one thing they all have in common. 

In this article, we’ll give the insights you need to consider before getting the best pet bed for your buddy. 

How to Choose the Best Pet Bed?

Between budget, size, or materials, deciding on which bed to buy could be tricky. So, here’s how to get it done easily. 

Make Sure Your Pet Fits in It

Using your eyesight to measure your pet could be quite deceiving. So in order to get the right bed, measure your pet from nose to tail, then from shoulder to shoulder. Add about 9 inches to both of those measurements and you’ll be good to go.

What the Bed Is Made Of

The bed should be properly padded with polyester or foam to avoid causing any joint problems. For easier cleaning, the covers should be easily washable. Also, some beds come with scented cedar chips to eradicate odor and insects; make sure your pet doesn’t mind their fragrance. 

Pets With Special Needs

Between orthopedic, memory foam, or cooling pads, there are plenty of padding choices that can suit any special conditions that your pet might have. For example, if your pet has arthritis, memory foam padding would be more than ideal.

The 3 Best Pet Beds: Reviews

After a long day of running around and spreading joy all over the place, a good comfy place to rest is what your baby pet deserves. Here are our top picks of pet beds.

The Original Donut Cuddler

The Original Donut Cuddler would be ideal if your pet is the curling-up type. With its waterproof bottom, pet-safe materials, and stylish design, this bed is not only super comfortable for your baby, but also the perfect addition for your home decor. 


  • New models have shorter, thinner walls 
  • Not suitable for teething pets 

Calming Donut Pet Bed

The orthopedic foam in this bed helps reduce pressure on joints, allows air circulation, and properly distributes body weight. The sleeping surface is padded with faux fur to ensure that your furry baby gets all cozy. 

With its L-shaped design, additional cushion support, and removable, washable dog bed cover, this bed couldn’t be friendlier for you and your pet. 


  • It might have a strong chemical odor
  • Not suitable for excessively chewing pets

Animal Print Pet Bed

This pet bed is best for smaller pets. It has high polyester filling and nest-like walls to give your pet a good sense of comfort and security. 

With its fashionable design, it surely checks the style box. The light build of this bed makes it pretty suitable for traveling. Also, it easily fits in all standard washing machines. 


  • It, sometimes, doesn’t wash well
  • It might get deformed if not washed cautiously.

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On a Final Thought

Even though your pet probably loves to chill on your furniture, including your own bed, giving him a separate bed is ultimately essential for maintaining his well-being.

Your preferences in choosing the best pet bed differ according to several factors. But with good research, you’ll be able to find what your furry baby exactly needs. 


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