Guide to Choosing the Best Mattress for Overweight People

When you’re overweight or plus size, finding a comfortable mattress that properly supports your body type can be difficult. Many mattresses end up sagging prematurely or causing pain and stiffness. With more mattress options catering to heavier individuals today, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know to find the best mattress for overweight and plus size sleepers.

We’ll compare the top mattresses for larger bodies and provide tips for selecting the right comfort, support, and features whether you prefer sleeping on your side, back, stomach or a combination. With the right mattress, you’ll wake up feeling rested and pain-free!

What Makes a Mattress Good for Overweight People?

With heavier body weights, you need a mattress that won’t bottom out but still cushions pressure points. Here are the key factors that make up the best mattress for overweight sleepers:

Durability – Higher density foams and sturdier coils withstand weight without sagging prematurely. Lifespan typically 8 years or more.

Edge support – Reinforced edges allow you to sleep near the sides without collapsing and make it easier to get in and out of bed.

Deep compression support – Materials that resist excessive sinkage and maintain support, especially for back and stomach sleepers.

Pressure relief – Cushioning foams contour to joints and curves without creating pressure points.

Minimal motion transfer – Advanced foam construction absorbs movement so you don’t disturb partners.

Responsiveness – Bouncy or resilient layers make repositioning easier during the night.

Breathability – Airflow and cooling allow you to sleep cool without getting overheated.

Finding the right combination of these features bases on your sleep position results in unparalleled comfort and support for improving rest.

Top 5 Best Mattresses for Overweight & Plus Size People

With so many mattress brands making supportive claims, choosing the right one can feel like a shot in the dark. After extensive research into sleep trials, expert tests, and verified customer reviews, here are the top 5 mattresses recommended for heavy individuals in 2023:

1. WinkBeds Plus

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Height: 12.5”
  • Firmness: Softer – Luxury Firm / Firmer – Firm
  • Sizes Available: Twin XL – Cal King
  • Key features: Zoned pocketed coils, reinforced support, luxury feel

The WinkBeds Plus earns our pick for the #1 best mattress for overweight sleepers for its durable construction and luxury comfort. Handmade in Wisconsin, it’s specifically designed for heavier sleepers over 230 pounds. Here’s why it provides exceptional support:

Pocketed Coils – It has a zoned coil system topped with foam that cradles your body while preventing sinkage and maintaining alignment. The individually wrapped coils isolate motion and reinforce the edges.

Extra Edge Support – The WinkBeds Plus features high-density foam rails around the perimeter to prevent edge collapse when sitting on the sides.

Cushioning Pressure Relief – A gel-infused polyfoam comfort layer provides plush pressure point relief and cooling. The coils and foam offer pressure relief where you need it and firmer support where you don’t.

Easy Repositioning – Hybrids, like the WinkBeds Plus, offer more bounce and responsiveness which makes changing positions much easier than all-foam beds.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars by over 2,600 reviewers, the WinkBeds Plus succeeds at providing the comfort of a luxury hotel mattress combined with tailored support for heavier figures – all backed by a lifetime warranty. With outstanding customer satisfaction and natural spinal alignment, it earns our top spot.

  • Pros: Hybrid support specifically for larger bodies, great edge support, advanced cooling, lifetime warranty
  • Cons: More expensive but worth the investment

2. Helix Plus

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Height: 13”
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Sizes Available: Twin XL – Cal King
  • Key features: Reinforced support, cushioning foam layers

Next is the Helix Plus – an excellent hybrid mattress specifically designed for the needs of big and tall sleepers. Here’s what makes it great:

Zoned Wrapped Coils – Hundreds of individually wrapped coils are reinforced in the center third to prevent sagging under heavier weights while cradling curves with cushioning foam layers up top.

Extra Firm – With a firmness around 8/10, this mattress provides superb support and pushback for overweight stomach and back sleepers without being overly hard.

Adequate Pressure Relief – The top layers of Helix’s specialty foams moderately contour to joints for pressure relief where heavyweight sleepers need it most.

Minimal Motion Transfer – Its thick foam layers absorb movement so you don’t disturb your partner when tossing and turning or getting in and out of bed.

Custom designed for plus size figures, the Helix Plus earns strong reviews for its balanced firmness and support that aids back, neck and joint pain. For heavy sleepers wanting a tailored hybrid, it’s a great choice under $1,500.

  • Pros: Hybrid support specifically for big and tall, strong edge support, low motion transfer
  • Cons: Less cushioning than other hybrids

3. Titan By Brooklyn Bedding

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Height: 14”
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Sizes Available: Twin XL – Cal King
  • Key features: Gel-infused foam, substantial edge support

Brooklyn Bedding’s luxury hybrid mattress designed for larger bodies makes our list for its cool sleeping surface, robust construction and supportive coils. Let’s look at its ideal features for plus size individuals:

Individually Encased Coils – Over 1,000 responsive pocketed coils compress to cradle curves while providing reinforced lift for adequate spinal support. The coils isolate motion well.

Firm Support – With a firmness around 8/10, the dense foam layers keep heavier figures well supported without excessive sinkage. The firmness promotes spinal alignment.

Cooling Comfort – A layer of gel-infused memory foam draws heat away from the body so you don’t overheat. The coils also allow more airflow than all-foam.

Strong Edges – High-density perimeter foam encasement allows you to sleep soundly near the edges without sliding off the bed.

The Titan averages 4.7 out of 5 stars from satisfied heavier sleepers who report the proper blend of luxury softness and robust support for restful sleep during the 120 night trial. An excellent alternative to the other picks.

  • Pros: Hybrid design made for larger bodies, strong edge support, advanced cooling, 120 night trial
  • Cons: Slightly firmer than advertised

4. Big Fig Mattress

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Height: 13”
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Sizes Available: Twin XL – Cal King
  • Key features: Crafted for heavier weights, high-density foams, responsive support

The Big Fig Mattress is specifically engineered for optimal support and comfort for heavier weights over 250 pounds. Let’s explore its construction:

5-Layer Design – It combines the support of 2 layers of dense polyfoam with a layer of durable springs. Above that sits 2” of pressure-relieving cooling gel memory foam.

Great Edge Support – Dense foam encasement around the perimeter allows full use of the mattress surface and prevents roll-off.

Responsive Support – An additional polyfoam layer between the coils and base foam creates responsiveness which makes repositioning during the night easier compared to all-foam.

Durable – Made in the USA with high-quality materials designed to prevent sagging under higher body mass indexes.

With its specialized construction, the Big Fig earns our recommendation for heavier individuals wanting balanced medium-firmness with robust support. For a mattress made specifically for plus size figures, it comes at an affordable price point under $1,500.

  • Pros: Designed for heavier figures over 250 lbs, great edge support, responsive support, affordable pricing
  • Cons: Potential for softer spots over time

5. Casper Wave Hybrid

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Height: 13”
  • Firmness: Medium-firm
  • Sizes Available: Twin XL – Cal King
  • Key features: Zoned construction, premium foams

Lastly, the Casper Wave Hybrid provides firmer support underneath while letting you sink into softer foams on top. Let’s discuss the specs:

Zoned Support – Softer titanium gel pods allow more give for shoulders and hips, while firmer gel keeps the lumbar aligned. The foam adapts to all body types.

Boundary Reinforcement Extra-firm foam around the edges allows using the entire mattress surface without collapsing or rolling off, making getting in and out of bed easier.

Minimal Motion Transfer – Its resilient foam layers absorb movement from your partner so you’re not disturbed.

While pricier than other options, the Casper Wave Hybrid is a quality choice for plus size figures desiring zoned support with a plush feel. With a 100-night risk-free trial, you’re ensured restful sleep.

  • Pros: Zoned construction, reinforced edges, limited motion transfer
  • Cons: Expensive, less edge support than others

No matter your sleep position or firmness preference, one of these top-rated mattresses offers the right blend of cushioning and support to meet the needs of overweight and plus size sleepers.

What To Look For in a Mattress for Overweight Sleepers

Beyond the top recommendations above, here are the key considerations for heavy individuals finding their perfect mattress:


The right mattress type comes down to your body type and sleep preferences:

Hybrid – The most popular choice; combines supportive coils with thick foam comfort layers for contouring cushioning. A strong and breathable option.

Latex – Provides conforming without excessive sinkage. Natural options sleep cooler but cost more. Overall very responsive surface.

Innerspring – Traditional design with a coil support core; extra dense options reinforce the center. Pair with thick top foams for pressure relief.

Airbed – Fully adjustable firmness allows customizing to your needs. Advanced models sleep temperature neutral.

Memory Foam – Cradles the body to relieve pressure points; best for side sleepers. Look for cooling gels and zoned construction for adequate support.

Adjustable Base – Allow customizing sleeping positions and settings for apnea, swelling, and pressure relief. Can pair with any mattress.

Hybrids, latex or dense memory or poly foams offer the best blend of contouring and reinforcement for most overweight sleepers.

Firmness Level

Heavier individuals tend to find the most comfortable support from firmer mattress models around 7-9 / 10 on the firmness scale. This prevents sinking in too deeply while still cushioning pressure points. Extra firm or very plush models are usually not preferable.


Look for mattresses that are at least 10-14” thick to adequately support more weight without bottoming out prematurely. More substantial construction withstands deep compression night after night.

Edge Support

Reinforced edges that resist sinkage allow you to sleep near the perimeter without collapsing or feeling like you’ll roll off, making getting in and out of bed easier. Foam encasement and dense perimeter coils excel at edge support.

Motion Isolation

Little to no motion transfer ensures your partner can move during the night without disrupting your sleep, common for those with sleep apnea. Memory foam and individually wrapped coils isolate movement best.

Cooling Features

Advanced technologies like gel or copper-infused foams, phase change materials, graphite, and innerspring breathability prevent overheating for a cooler, comfier sleep.

How Sleep Position Affects Support Needs

Spinal alignment in your preferred sleep position is crucial to preventing pain and stiffness.

Side Sleepers

Your protruding hips and shoulders cradle into the mattress for pressure relief while your waist should stay on top without sagging. Soft to medium-firm mattresses provide the best balance for side sleepers over 250 lbs.

Back Sleepers

The lumbar region needs enhanced support to keep the spine’s natural curve intact and prevent the midsection from sinking in. Firmer mattresses excel at spine alignment for back sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers

Super firm support is ideal for larger stomach sleepers to prevent the midsection from bowing in which strains the back.Mattresses that are too soft allow the belly and chest to sink.

Combination Sleepers

Balanced medium firmness provides a versatile surface for switching positions. Quick-responding latex or hybrids make repositioning easier. Zoned construction caters to different body parts.

No matter your preferred position, your mattress should allow spinal alignment without pressure buildup at heavy points like the hips and shoulders.

Signs You Need a New Mattress

As a mattress wears out, you’ll notice these indicators it’s no longer providing the support you need for restful sleep:

  • Loss of support shown by sagging spots or uneven feel
  • Wake up with stiffness, numbness or aches in shoulders, back or hips
  • Tossing and turning or difficulty getting comfortable
  • Partner disturbance when you move or get in and out of bed
  • Indentations or impressions when you get up

Look for a replacement mattress when these issues occur – extending an ill-fitting mattress’s lifespan can lead to orthopedic issues. Most standard mattresses last 6-8 years before needing replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best mattress type for overweight people?

Hybrid and latex mattresses are most recommended. Hybrids combine conforming foam layers on top of supportive coil cores. Latex contours while resisting body impressions. Both accommodate heavier weights well.

What firmness level is best for heavy people?

Most sleep experts recommend medium firm to firm mattresses for larger figures to provide adequate pushback, prevent sinking in and keep the spine aligned. Recommended firmness range is 7-9 / 10.

How thick should a mattress be for overweight people?

Look for mattress thickness in the 10 to 14 inch range which allows thicker comfort layers over sturdy support cores. Many premium mattresses for heavier individuals are 12-14” in height.

Do heavier people need a firmer mattress?

Often yes, since greater weight requires more support to maintain healthy spinal alignment. But some prefer a softer feel, so find a comfortable balance. Medium firm (6-7/10) can still work for strict side sleepers.

Which lasts longer innerspring or memory foam for heavy people?

For heavier individuals, an innerspring or hybrid mattress typically outlasts a memory foam. Quality wrapped coils resist impressions better than foam over time under heavier use. Density and thickness impact foam mattress durability.

The Bottom Line

Finding the right mattress allows plus size and overweight sleepers to finally get the restful, pain-free sleep their bodies need. Look for durable designs with thick comfort layers over reinforced support cores in at least a medium firm feel. Cooling features also help larger people sleep comfortably. With the detailed guidelines above and top-rated mattress recommendations, you can confidently choose your ideal bed for deep, restorative sleep.

Originally posted on September 19, 2023 @ 4:31 pm


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Dr. Barry Jarvis is a renowned sleep specialist, dedicating their illustrious career to the intricate world of sleep medicine. Holding a medical degree from a prestigious institution, Dr. Jarvis has cultivated a deep understanding of the complex mechanisms that govern sleep and its pivotal role in overall health and well-being. With a compassionate approach and a meticulous eye for detail, Dr. Jarvis has helped countless individuals reclaim restful nights and vibrant days. Beyond their clinical expertise, they have contributed to groundbreaking research in sleep medicine, unraveling the mysteries of sleep disorders and pioneering innovative treatments that stand at the forefront of the field.

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