Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers

If you’re a dedicated side sleeper, finding a mattress that properly cushions your shoulders and hips is crucial for avoiding pain and numbness. Hybrid mattresses combine the pressure relieving abilities of foam with the bounce and airflow of springs to provide an excellent option for side sleepers.

This in-depth guide will walk you through everything you need to know when choosing a hybrid mattress optimized for side sleeping. We’ll outline the benefits of hybrids, review top-rated models loved by side sleepers, and provide tips for finding the right blend of softness and support based on your body type and preferences. With the ideal hybrid mattress, you’ll wake up on the right side of the bed.

Why Choose a Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleeping?

Hybrid mattresses pair foam comfort layers with an innerspring support core. This design provides benefits tailored specifically for side sleeping:

Pressure relief – Foam cradles shoulders, hips and contours to the waist to alleviate pressure points along the side of the body.

Spinal alignment – Individually wrapped innerspring coils provide lift to prevent the midsection from sagging while foam cushions the shoulders and hips. This helps maintain the spine’s natural curve on your side.

Responsiveness – Springs add bounce when moving and changing positions while foam minimizes motion transfer. This blend works better for combination side/back sleepers.

Durability – The resilient spring layer provides lasting support and prevents sagging while foam quickly regains its shape night after night.

Breathability – Innersprings allow more airflow to prevent overheating compared to all-foam beds. Important for hot sleepers.

The right hybrid mattress provides the ultimate combination of luxurious softness for pressure relief along with responsive support for spinal alignment when sleeping on your side.

5 Highest Rated Hybrid Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Based on extensive research and verified customer reviews, we’ve identified the top 5 hybrid mattresses tailored specifically for side sleepers.

1. Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress

  • Height: 14”
  • Firmness: Medium, 4-5/10
  • Key layers: Gel visco foam, pocketed coils, polyfoam
  • Cover: Tencel cooling fabric

The exceptional pressure relief of the Helix Midnight Luxe lands it at the top of our list. It begins with a pillow top layer of plush memory foam for cradling your hips and shoulders. Underneath, a latex-like gel visco layer contours to your body while minimizing sinkage around heavier areas that can strain alignment.

Hundreds of individually wrapped coils offer reinforced support with targeted pressure relief along the shoulders and hips. This dynamic layer allows you to change positions easily without excess motion transfer. The Midnight Luxe balances cushioning and support right in the sweet spot for side sleepers. Those who sleep exceptionally hot will also love the cooling cover.

With a 4.5 star average rating out of over 1,600 reviews, the Helix Midnight Luxe prevails at providing side sleepers with tailored pressure relief and spinal support. For a hybrid with premium capabilities, it’s a top choice under $1,700.

  • Pros
    • Pillow top and pressure-relieving foams
    • Zoned lumbar support
    • Minimal motion transfer
    • Cooling Tencel cover
  • Cons
    • Some report it sleeps warm
    • Weighty and harder to move

2. DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

  • Height: 14”
  • Firmness: Luxury firm, 6-7/10
  • Key layers: Gel memory foam, micro coils, foam encased coils
  • Cover: Poly-blend with cooling cashmere top

With its luxurious feel, the DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress is excellent for side sleepers wanting both contouring softness and robust support. Six foam layers up top cradle your body in cushioning comfort and provide pressure relief where you need it most along the shoulders and hips.

Underneath, a layer of micro-coils adds responsiveness, whileindividually wrapped innersprings limit motion transfer and reinforce the structure against sagging. The spring layers allow you to comfortably change positions during the night. The foam encased edge prevents roll-off if you move to the perimeter.

The mix of pressure relief and support makes this mattress work for all side sleeping styles. Hot sleepers also appreciate the cashmere top’s moisture-wicking abilities to help regulate temperature. With free shipping, free returns, and an impressive 365 night trial, you can test out the DreamCloud’s comfort yourself.

  • Pros
    • Plush memory foam comfort
    • Micro-coils for responsiveness
    • Reinforced perimeters
    • Moisture-wicking cashmere cover
  • Cons
    • Some report it sleeps warm
    • Foam off-gassing possible initially

3. WinkBeds The GravityLux

  • Height: 11”
  • Firmness: Medium, 4-6/10
  • Key layers: AirCell foam, gel polyfoam, pocketed microcoils
  • Cover: Celliant protein-infused

The GravityLux from WinkBeds utilizes advanced technology to deliver weightless pressure relief ideal for side sleepers. It features a unique AirCell foam that cradles pressure points along the shoulders and hips using pressurized soft-air capsules.

Underneath, gel-infused memory foam helps pull heat away from the body so you sleep cooler. Hundreds of microcoils reinforced around the lumbar region provide zoned spinal support right where side sleepers need it most.

A Celliant infused cover increases oxygenation in the body for faster muscle recovery overnight. Hot sleepers especially praise this mattress for keeping a comfortable temperature all night long. With superb cooling, pressure relief, and targeted support, the GravityLux allows side sleepers to finally get weightless rest.

  • Pros
    • Advanced pressure-relieving AirCell foam
    • Zoned lumbar support
    • Celliant cover improves oxygenation
    • Gel memory foam prevents overheating
  • Cons
    • Expensive, but routinely runs sales
    • Substantial offgassing odor initially

4. Birch Natural Mattress

  • Height: 11”
  • Firmness: Medium-firm, 6/10
  • Key layers: Talalay latex, pocketed steel coils
  • Cover: GOTS organic cotton

For eco-conscious side sleepers, the Birch Mattress delivers exquisite pressure relief and natural materials. Talalay latex in the comfort layer gently contours to alleviate aches at pressure points along your side.

The latex feels nicely buoyant, creating more responsive support than memory foam alone. An attached cover with breathable wool wicks moisture and regulates temperature.

The pocketed steel coil layer offers reinforced support for healthy alignment along the length of your side. As a bonus, birch bark within the mattress naturally fights odors and microbes. With GOTS organic and GREENGUARD Gold certification, you can be assured this mattress is free of harsh chemicals. The Birch thoughtfully balances comfort, support and environmental responsibility.

  • Pros
    • Natural Talalay latex comfort layer
    • Zoned pocketed steel coil support
    • GOTS organic and GREENGUARD certified
    • Natural temperature regulation
  • Cons
    • Only one firmness option
    • Heavy – hard to rotate

5. Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress

  • Height: 12″
  • Firmness: Medium firm, 6-7/10
  • Key layers: Adaptive foam, gel-infused foam, pocketed coils
  • Cover: Antimicrobial knit with cooling panel

For a reasonably priced hybrid pick, we recommend the Mint Mattress from Tuft & Needle. It combines three inches of their T&N Adaptive® foam for enhanced pressure relief with a comfort layer of gel and graphite-infused foam that pulls heat away from your body so you sleep cooler.

The foam layers cushion side sleepers’ hips and shoulders without allowing you to sink in too deeply. Underneath, seven inches of pocketed support coils reinforce alignment and limit motion transfer.

Budget-friendly pricing under $1,000 makes this a great hybrid choice if you want targeted pressure relief without sacrificing support needed for side sleeping. With nearly a million Tuft & Needle sleepers and a 100-night trial, you can buy confidently knowing this hybrid feels fantastic for side sleepers.

  • Pros
    • Budget-friendly hybrid pick
    • Adaptive foam cushioning
    • Gel and graphite-infused cooling
    • Responsive coil support core
  • Cons
    • Only one firmness option
    • Some motion transfer

Mattress Firmness Guide for Side Sleepers

The ideal mattress firmness for you as a side sleeper depends on your:

  • Body type – Heavier side sleepers need extra support to prevent sagging while lightweight people need thicker comfort layers.
  • Sleep style – Strict side sleepers want extra pressure relief while combo side/back sleepers need balanced support.
  • Preference – Do you like sinking into a bed or sleeping “on” your mattress?

Use these guidelines to determine the right firmness:

Strict Side Sleepers

Look for a medium soft to medium feel around 4-6/10 on the firmness scale. This allows close contouring to cushions hips and shoulders without excess sinking along your midsection. Choose medium-soft if under 130 lbs, medium over 130 lbs.

Combo Side and Back Sleepers

Opt for a medium to medium firm around 5-7/10 firmness. This ensures adequate support for back sleeping while still gently cradling your curves on your side. Medium for under 130 lbs, medium firm for over.

Heavy Side Sleepers (230+ lbs)

Choose a firm model around 7-8/10 to prevent your midsection from bowing in. Ensure thick comfort layers still cushion joints. Select foam or latex comfort layers over micro-coils for durability.

Test different firmness options to find the “Goldilocks” feel. Many online mattress-in-a-box companies offer dual firmness choices.

What Mattress Materials Work Best for Side Sleepers?

Hybrid mattresses allow you to take advantage of both foam and innerspring materials’ benefits:

Foam Layers

The top foam layers in a hybrid mattress should provide close contouring and pressure relief. Great options include:

Memory Foam – Body-hugging memory foam or gels relieve pressure along the shoulders and hips. Look for softer densities and zoned construction.

Latex – Natural or synthetic latex gently cradles curves while feeling a bit more responsive. Try Dunlop or Talalay options.

Polyfoam – Softer, low-density polyfoams conform tightly in comfort layers with quicker rebound than memory foam.

Micro-coils – Adding a micro-coil layer creates a buffering comfort layer with contouring and improved airflow.

Innerspring Support Core

The support core reinforces the mattress structure for even weight distribution and durability:

Pocketed Coils – Hundreds of independent pocketed coils adapt to body contours while isolating motion. Provide responsive support tailored to your side sleeping needs.

Bonnell Coils – interconnected hourglass shaped coils are very affordable but transfer more motion. Great for budget hybrids.

Continuous Wire – Joined rows of coils work for basic support but facilitate motion transfer.

Mattresses with contouring comfort layers over zoned pocketed support coils offer the greatest balance of pressure relief and spinal support for side sleepers.

Other Features to Look for in a Hybrid Mattress

Beyond essential components, these added features enhance hybrids for side sleepers:

Reinforced edges provide strong support when sitting on the perimeter of the bed. Crucial for elderly and those with mobility difficulties.

Lumbar support zones in the comfort or support layers maintain healthy spinal alignment in your midsection while side sleeping.

Minimal motion transfer lets you change positions without disturbing your partner. Look for thick foam layers and individual pocketed coils.

Enhanced pressure relief from technologies like foam pods or cut-outs target the shoulders and hips.

Cooling technologies with cooling gels, graphite, copper infusions or other phase change materials regulate temperature so you don’t wake up overheated.

Finding options tailored specifically to side sleepers takes the guessing work out of choosing the right hybrid.

Recommended Hybrid Mattresses by Side Sleeper Weights

Best Hybrid Mattresses for Heavy Side Sleepers (230+ lbs)

Heavy side sleepers need a thicker, highly durable mattress for proper support and cushioning. We recommend:

Winkbed Plus – Extra-firm coils and dense foam prevents sinkage for heavier figures while providing luxurious comfort and support.

Helix Plus – Specifically designed for big and tall figures with zoned reinforced support to alleviate pressure points in side sleepers.

DreamCloud Premier – A luxury hybrid with robust coil support core and plush foam comfort layers to prevent sagging under heavier weights.

Best Hybrid Mattresses for Average Side Sleepers (130 to 230 lbs)

Most average weight side sleepers do best with medium to medium firm hybrid models like:

Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid – Features advanced cooling and responsiveness thanks to layers like copper-gel Energex foam and pocketed coil springs.

Leesa Hybrid – Combines contouring memory foam with over 1,000 pocketed coils for the ideal cushioned firmness.

Casper Wave Hybrid – Features gel pods around the hips and shoulders for zoned, luxurious side sleeping support.

Best Hybrid Mattresses for Lightweight Side Sleepers (under 130 lbs)

Petite side sleepers need thick cushioned comfort layers without being engulfed. Recommended hybrids include:

Nolah Evolution – Very plush feel with premium foams like latex-like AirFoamICE and ventilated AirFoam for superior pressure relief.

Bear Hybrid – Features responsive comfort layers and zoned coil support reinforced along the perimeter for lightweight side support.

Winkbed Soft – A luxury softer option perfect for lightweight side sleepers wanting cloud-like cushioning with highly responsive coil support.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Mattress for Better Side Sleeping

Since your body shifts most of its pressure onto your hips and shoulders in the side position, you’ll quickly feel if your mattress isn’t providing adequate cushioning.

Watch for these signs indicating it’s time to upgrade your mattress:

  • Wake up with tingling or numbness in your arms from poor shoulder support
  • Toss and turn trying to get comfortable pressure relief on your side
  • Feel like you’re sagging downward away from your partner rather than staying aligned
  • Experience lower back pain from your spine not staying aligned
  • Have tender pressure points and aches at your hips
  • Notice indented impressions that don’t spring back after rotating

Taking action when these issues arise ensures many restful nights cradled in the comfort of a hybrid tailored to side sleepers.

Hybrid Mattress FAQs

Which is better for side sleepers – memory foam, latex or hybrid?

For side sleepers, hybrids offer the best of both worlds. Memory foam and latex in the comfort layer supply close contouring. A pocket coil support core provides lift to prevent sagging and maintains spinal alignment. Overall hybrids optimize pressure relief and support.

What thickness of mattress is best for side sleepers?

Look for at least 10-14 inches thick to allow generous foam comfort layers above the coils. Ensure the comfort section offers enough cushioning for your shoulders and hips combined with midsection support.

Are softer or firmer mattresses better for side sleepers?

Side sleepers need a balance – ultra soft causes sagging while ultra firm creates pressure points. The sweet spot combines close contouring for shoulders/hips via softer foams with ample midsection support. Medium to medium-firm (4-7/10) prevents sinking while alleviating pressure.

Should a side sleeper have a soft or firm pillow?

Side sleepers generally do best with a fuller, higher-loft pillow around 3-5” thick. This adequately fills the space between your head and shoulder to keep your neck aligned and prevent pain. Medium density down or memory foam pillows work well.

How can I make a firm mattress more comfortable for side sleeping?

If your mattress is too firm, adding a 2-3” medium soft memory foam or polyfoam topper provides extra cushioning. Or opt for a thicker pillow topper for plush comfort while keeping support underneath. Rotating the mattress can also help soften overly firm foam comfort layers.

The Bottom Line

Finding a hybrid mattress optimized for side sleepers’ needs allows you to finally get conforming pressure relief, healthy spinal support and restful sleep. Evaluate your body type, preferences and budget to select the right blend of cushioning comfort layers over a responsive coil support core. With a hybrid made for side sleeping, you’ll avoid waking up to achy hips and shoulders or numb arms. Say goodbye to tossing and turning and start getting your best night’s sleep cradled in just the right balance of coziness and support.

Originally posted on September 19, 2023 @ 7:45 pm


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Dr. Barry Jarvis is a renowned sleep specialist, dedicating their illustrious career to the intricate world of sleep medicine. Holding a medical degree from a prestigious institution, Dr. Jarvis has cultivated a deep understanding of the complex mechanisms that govern sleep and its pivotal role in overall health and well-being. With a compassionate approach and a meticulous eye for detail, Dr. Jarvis has helped countless individuals reclaim restful nights and vibrant days. Beyond their clinical expertise, they have contributed to groundbreaking research in sleep medicine, unraveling the mysteries of sleep disorders and pioneering innovative treatments that stand at the forefront of the field.

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